Saturday, December 10, 2016

Born Pretty Silicone Stamping Mat

I have wanted a silicone mat for some time now after seeing all the ways they can be used to make creating nail art easier. 
You can really get creative with this mat, but most people use them to make stamping decals, dry marbles, filling in nail vinyls, or even to test polish colors and combinations. 
You could also simply use it to protect the surface of your work area from polish and acetone spills. 
Specifically, when stamping you don't need to lay down paper towels, you can just scrape the excess polish directly on the mat. It is easily cleaned up with either acetone, or waiting until all the polish mess is dry and lint rolling over it to pick it up. 
It is very flexible, so when you're ready to remove any sort of decal, they easily peel up. 
After you are done using the mat you can roll it up and put it away in the provided protective cardboard sleeve. 
I decided to make some drag marble nails using some festive Christmas colors.
I started by painting a base using a gold color, then added a stripe of red and green next to each other. While all of the polish was still wet, I dipped a dotting tool in a silver color, and starting from the center, using a swirl motion, blended the colors together.

The colors I used are all from FingerPaints, the gold is Masked Beauty, the red is Framed in Red, the green is Ball Gown Glamour and the silver is Glitz & Glam

This mat worked great, I highly recommend it. It has become a staple in my nail arsenal!

You can purchase this mat by clicking here, and don't forget to use my coupon code for 10% off!

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