Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day manicure ideas

I was looking through my polish collection searching for colors to use for Valentine's Day manicures, and I came across these five beauties from FingerPaints. 
I immediately thought they would be the perfect colors to try out some stamping gradients with. 

From left to right, Patent Red, Romanesque Rouge, One in a Melon, Springtime Bloom and Paper Mache.

First, lets just take a look at how pretty these colors are all on their own. 

In order to get a gradient effect I placed a stripe of each color across the image, then scraped twice to get them blended together, and picked it up as usual to place on my nail. 
The base color I used for all the manicures below is Paper Mache. 

Here is the first one I did, I used Born Pretty plate BP-73

This heart design on GoGo Only St. Merry plate is perfect for Valentine's Day. 

I had to do just one more because I was loving the way it looked, this one is using Bundle Monster plate BM-XL07

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day!