Saturday, November 14, 2015

November SensatioNail Colors

SensatioNail is celebrating Autumn with these beautiful colors for the  month of November.

From left to right is Taupe Tulips, Tag Me Taupe, In the Shade, After Five and Miss Behave

SensatioNail is also celebrating with some giveaways! 
They asked us ambassadors to create manicures using November's colors, showing off a fall-themed photo inspired by our favorite thing about autumn. 
They will share one photo per day on Instagram leading up to Black Friday, and you get a chance to win a starter kit and the colors used in the manicures they show off that day. 
Speaking of Black Friday, they will also be having a Black Friday sale, starting November 25th-November 30th, Starter Kits will be 30% off. 
My nails are featured in the Ad, how exciting!

I decided to create a manicure inspired by the cooler weather we start to get in the fall. 
I love cozy sweaters and it was the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about what sort of design I would do. I think these colors would make a great striped sweater!

I started with a base of Taupe Tulips, cured it, then added three pieces of striping tape across my nail, I used Tag Me Taupe at the tips of the my nails, In the Shade is used in the larger sections and a thin stripe of Miss Behave, I cured again, removed the tape and then I decided to use the gel matte top coat to soften the whole look.

I also decided to wear In The Shade on its own for a few days and as you scroll down you will see what I did to dress it up a bit. I really love this chocolaty color.

It looks even better with SensatioNail's Gel Matte Top Coat

This color made me think of hot chocolate, which is another thing I love about Autumn, so I added this cute mug and heart design from GoGoOnly St.Happy plate. The heart image made me think of those cool designs that people draw in their hot drinks, I think its called latte art. 

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Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated  for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own, based on my experience

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