Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bundle Monster XL Plates

Bundle Monster came out with XL versions of all their plates, there aren't any new images on these plates, but they have enlarged the images for those with longer and wider nails. I don't have wide nails and they aren't too long, but these still work great for me. 
I like that each plate has a variety of images from different collections, they are arranged in theme order, as you will see, they have put flowers together, holidays together, etc and each plate has a name that goes with the theme.
They are rectangle shaped, and like all their other plates have blue protective film that needs to be removed prior to use.

There a hard plastic back with their logo printed on it.

These are the following plates I chose to buy
Green Thumb is floral themed.

Knotty + Patched Love is Valentine's Day themed.

 Botanist Dream is a mixture of plants, leaves and swirls.

Party Like its 1776 is an Independence Day theme.

Beachy Keen is sea themed

Neptune's Bounty is another sea themed plate.

Holiday Favs has a mixture of holidays. 

Halloween Fanatic is Halloween themed.

I have tried images from each of these plates and they stamp beautifully. 

Here are a few manicures I've already done with them

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