Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bundle Monster Polynesia Plates

Bundle Monster had a recent plate launch called Polynesia. They are sold individually or as sets, I decided to buy just two of them to try out. I chose floral themed plates because I can't seem to get enough floral plates.

I have tried these plates out and am happy to report that they all stamp beautifully! 

Here are a few manicures I have done using them!
RCM Fashion Frenzy stamped with Polynesia BM-XL09 stamped with OPI Get Ryd-of-Thyme Blues

RCM Fashion Frenzy using Polynesia BM-XL08 stamped with Sinful Colors Snow Me White

RCM Fashion Frenzy stamped with BM-XL108 using FingerPaints Black Patent


  1. Love these! Those are the two plates I want from this collection as well. Love florals.

    1. If a plate has florals, I will want it haha! These two are great! I'm glad I got them, I say go for it, you won't regret it.