Sunday, March 8, 2015


UberChic is a small company based out of Colorado, who just recently launched some stamping plates. I have been seeing these all over social media lately and I once again couldn't help myself and had to get my hands on them to see them up close and personal for myself. 
There are 2 collections to choose from, each collection has 3 plates with various size images. 
I chose Collection 1, which has some amazing floral designs, which is what attracted me most. 

Each plate comes with protective blue film that needs to be removed prior to use.

It has a plastic backing with the UberChic logo across it.

Plate 1-01

Plate 1-02

Plate 1-03

You can click on any of the images and it will enlarge to see the detail. 

I decided to use the 4th image down on the left of plate 1-01
My base is FingerPaints Black Patent and I stamped with Sinful Colors Snow me White. This image stamped perfectly, even with all the fine line details, there wasn't any trouble picking them all up. I'm very impressed and I can see myself using these plates quite often. 

Today's Sunday Stamping Challenge, from the facebook page, Adventures in Stamping also happens to be Black and White, so this also counts as a challenge manicure!

Check out the UberChic website for purchasing and pricing details.

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  1. I love these plates. For someone starting out new, I'd recommend them, they are a great first purchase as they have a little of everything. Good for those who are experienced as well!