Monday, March 23, 2015

SensatioNail Team GelFanatic Goodies.

I got my package of goodies from SensatioNail last week as a part of being chosen as one of the official gel fanatics. 
They sent me all of their newest products, 10 new shades, their gel matte top coat and the nail shield. 

From left to right, In the Shade, Gray Day, Tropical Punch, Barely There, So Rosy, Pink Sand, Vanilla Chai, Macchiato, Golden One and Jade Treasure. 
Please note that with Jade Treasure and In The Shade the color indicated on the box is slightly different from the actual polish color, I have been told that sometimes the box color doesn't print out correctly. I wanted to make you aware and to let you know that they will be adjusting the box color in the future so you can get a better idea of the polish color before you purchase, so you won't be disappointed that they don't look the same.
Jade Treasure

In The Shade

Also make note that Barely There and So Rosy are both sheer colors (perfect for french manicures!) this is indicated on the box. 

I also wanted to compare them with a few colors
Left is Vanilla Chai and right is 
Barely There, to me it seems that Barely There is the sheer version on Vanilla Chai

Left is Macchiato and right is So Rosy, once again to me, it seems like So Rosy is a sheer version on Macchiato. 

This is the Matte top coat that will turn any of the SensatioNail colors from shiny to matte.

The Nail Shield is meant to be applied prior to your gel manicure for the purpose of easier, peel-able removal versus acetone soak.
I will have many blog posts to come with more details about each of these products and any tips I might have when using them.

I have already dug in and applied Golden One for my St.Patrick's Day manicure, now I've decided to change it up and add different stamping (when I stamp over gel, I usually don't use gel top coat, that way I can easily remove just the stamping and change it up when I want to)
I stamped with Bundle Monster BM-712 using FingerPaints Patent Black.
another shot of Golden One because it is just so pretty!

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated  for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own, based on my experience


  1. Thanks for the photos! They are super helpful! Im getting those nude ones and I'm looking for a grey one (just like the Grey Day) without glitter.

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad I could help you decided which colors you like. I will inquire about a grey one without shimmer, are you specifically looking for gel polish?

  2. Omygosh I love all the colors that they sent you, I my fav are the pink shades. You are so lucky. I just try the gel polish right now at home and I love it.It's amazing