Friday, March 27, 2015

Gogo Only St.Happy

Soon after I ordered the St.Merry plate from Gogo Only, they came out with another one, St.Happy, and since I knew the St.Merry plate was amazing, I was fairly certain this one wouldn't be any different.

Just like the St.Merry, the St.Happy came in a folder, shown here is the front and back.

blue protective film, that needs to be removed prior to use.

The same plastic backing with the GOGO ONLY logo.

Once again, 50 full size images, and this time 12 single images, which happen to be all the zodiac symbols.

My base is RCM Aquamarine, stamped with Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Just like the St.Merry plate, this one is perfect, nice crisp, clear images each time.

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