Friday, March 6, 2015

Exciting News!

I have some very exciting news I've been waiting patiently to share. 
At the end of January SensatioNail put out an announcement that they were looking for "Official Gelfanatics" to join the the SensatioNail team and spread the love online. I love SensatioNail so I knew I wanted to apply, so I filled out the form, submitted it and waited to hear the official announcement to see if I might get lucky and possibly be chosen. 
Well I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email a few days ago letting me know I was chosen as 1 of the 10 Official US Gelfanatics!
Today SensatioNail made the official announcement on their website and other social media accounts, so I can now happily share the news with all of you. 
I'm looking forward to sharing all things SensatioNail with you. 
And a huge congratulations to my fellow Official Gelfanatics who were also chosen. 

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