Thursday, January 1, 2015

Red Carpet Manicure Power of the Gem Collection

Paying homage to the the lustrous composition of gemstones, Red Carpet Manicure, the world’s first at-home LED gel manicure system, has developed the Power of the Gem collection, consisting of 12 unique gel polishes in their exclusive three-step LED gel polish formula. 

Known for their powerful connection to zodiac signs, gemstones have long been revered as a jewel that evokes certain feelings and attributes when worn during its correlating month. Each shade in the collection has been carefully crafted with the finest pearls, pigments and real genuine crushed gems to reveal brilliant color and shine. Whether you’re partial to your birthstone, or are looking to evoke wisdom or strength, the collection offers these radiant hues:
  • Garnet (devotion) Capricorn - deep merlot glitter 
  • Amethyst (positivity) Aquarius - dark purple glitter 
  • Aquamarine (courage) Pisces – supplies courage light blue glitter
  • Pearl (sincerity) Aries –luminous white pearl
  • Emerald (harmony) Taurus – dark green glitter
  • Diamond (truth) Gemini – holographic glitter
  • Ruby (energy) Cancer – deep red glitter
  • Peridot (tranquility) Leo – lime green glitter
  • Sapphire (wisdom) Virgo – dark blue glitter
  • Opal (confidence) Libra – translucent pearl glitter
  • Topaz (strength) Scorpio – yellow-gold glitter
  • Zircon (compassion) Sagittarius – dark turquoise glitter 

I have the entire collection to share with you, but I'm not going to show them all today. Each month I will feature that months gemstone, first up is Garnet, which is January's birthstone.

Being born in January doesn't necessarily mean your zodiac sign is Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20) but they decided to correlate Garnet to Capricorn.

Garnet is a deep Merlot jelly base with various size glitter with a hint of blue shimmer, this color is GORGEOUS!!! 

Up close view of the glitters.

You can purchase at Red Carpet Manicure's website or Ulta 

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