Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Travel manicure items

Don't get me wrong, I love and am slightly obsessed with nail polish, but when I'm on vacation I prefer to spend time with loved ones. I want to get out to site see and have some fun, so I don't want to spend all my time painting my nails. I like to keep it simple, so I will be bringing five items with me on vacation.

First up is the Nail Tek Mini Crystal File, which I purchased on prefer to use a glass file and I love that this one is mini and comes in a case to keep it secure in my luggage.

After filing, I apply a base coat, I love Nail Envy, and I found this travel size, also purchased on I wanted to show you the size difference between the full size and this mini, so I'm holding it next to my full size Nail Envy.

For my nail color, I am using China Glaze Ruby Pumps, I found this oh so cute mini size at my local Sally Beauty, this is the perfect color that goes with any outfit or occasion and will be the only color I need while on vacation. I am holding it next to a full size bottle of China Glaze (Emerald Sparkle) to show you the size difference.

After 2 coats of  Ruby Pumps, I apply my go to topcoat, Seche Vite, I also found a mini size at my local Sally Beauty. I sadly do not have my bottle to show you, I accidentally dropped it and the bottle broke, so I need to go repurchase before my trip.

 I plan to start my vacation wearing a totally different color manicure and then switching over to China Glaze Ruby Pumps, midway through, so I needed to bring some polish remover pads with me. These come pre-soaked, so all I have to do is open a packet and there is enough moisture to remove a full
manicure.  I purchased these at Wal-Mart.

There you go, my five manicure related travel items, that will fit my needs, to still have perfectly manicured nails, but not spend a lot of time to get them that way.


  1. Great post! I always travel with a nail file and my favorite mini nail polishes! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, I need to get more mini size polishes, I love how convenient they are to travel with.