Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Stamping: Favorite color combination

This weeks Sunday Stamping Challenge is to use your favorite color combination. I know these colors may not seem exciting to some people but to me there's just something about the combination of black and silver that I love, maybe its the contrast between the light and dark colors, but I knew when I saw this challenge option, that if chosen for this week, I would use these two colors.  I didn't want to use a plain black polish, so I went with an option that had a little something special, which is Zoya Storm. As soon as I put this polish on, I immediately thought of a theme to do for my stamping, Outer Space!
My base color is Zoya Storm, stamped using China Glaze Awaken, and here comes the long list of stamping plates, starting with my index finger Mash-32 for the crescent moon and Mash-26 for the stars, for my middle finger I used Mash-34 for the ringed planet and again, Mash-26 for the stars, on my ring finger I used Mash-33, and finally on my pinkie, I used RA-110 as my spiral galaxy.

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