Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Travel manicure items

Don't get me wrong, I love and am slightly obsessed with nail polish, but when I'm on vacation I prefer to spend time with loved ones. I want to get out to site see and have some fun, so I don't want to spend all my time painting my nails. I like to keep it simple, so I will be bringing five items with me on vacation.

First up is the Nail Tek Mini Crystal File, which I purchased on prefer to use a glass file and I love that this one is mini and comes in a case to keep it secure in my luggage.

After filing, I apply a base coat, I love Nail Envy, and I found this travel size, also purchased on I wanted to show you the size difference between the full size and this mini, so I'm holding it next to my full size Nail Envy.

For my nail color, I am using China Glaze Ruby Pumps, I found this oh so cute mini size at my local Sally Beauty, this is the perfect color that goes with any outfit or occasion and will be the only color I need while on vacation. I am holding it next to a full size bottle of China Glaze (Emerald Sparkle) to show you the size difference.

After 2 coats of  Ruby Pumps, I apply my go to topcoat, Seche Vite, I also found a mini size at my local Sally Beauty. I sadly do not have my bottle to show you, I accidentally dropped it and the bottle broke, so I need to go repurchase before my trip.

 I plan to start my vacation wearing a totally different color manicure and then switching over to China Glaze Ruby Pumps, midway through, so I needed to bring some polish remover pads with me. These come pre-soaked, so all I have to do is open a packet and there is enough moisture to remove a full
manicure.  I purchased these at Wal-Mart.

There you go, my five manicure related travel items, that will fit my needs, to still have perfectly manicured nails, but not spend a lot of time to get them that way.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Stamping Challenge: Stamp over a saran wrap base

This weeks challenge is to stamp over a saran wrap base. I have only done one other saran wrap manicure, so I think I  need a little practice perfecting the technique, but I still like how this turned out anyway.
I started with a base color of China Glaze Joy

Using crumpled up saran wrap, I dabbed on China Glaze Midnight ride and then stamped using Mash-40 with China Glaze Hook and Line. (I totally forgot to take a picture of the saran wrap manicure prior to stamping.)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Stamping: Favorite color combination

This weeks Sunday Stamping Challenge is to use your favorite color combination. I know these colors may not seem exciting to some people but to me there's just something about the combination of black and silver that I love, maybe its the contrast between the light and dark colors, but I knew when I saw this challenge option, that if chosen for this week, I would use these two colors.  I didn't want to use a plain black polish, so I went with an option that had a little something special, which is Zoya Storm. As soon as I put this polish on, I immediately thought of a theme to do for my stamping, Outer Space!
My base color is Zoya Storm, stamped using China Glaze Awaken, and here comes the long list of stamping plates, starting with my index finger Mash-32 for the crescent moon and Mash-26 for the stars, for my middle finger I used Mash-34 for the ringed planet and again, Mash-26 for the stars, on my ring finger I used Mash-33, and finally on my pinkie, I used RA-110 as my spiral galaxy.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Stamping Challenge: Double Stamping

This weeks Sunday Stamping Challenge is double stamping. I have never attempted to double stamp but I was up for the challenge this week.

My base color is China Glaze Thunderbird, first stamped with BM-315, using China Glaze Hook and Line, then stamped over that with RA-109 using Wet 'n' Wild Black crème, then topped with NYC matte me crazy


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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shooting stars

Hello everyone! I wanted to take the time to post a quick 4th of July manicure. Here is what will be on my nails while I'm celebrating Independence Day.

The blue is LA Girl Brilliant Blue, the red is Zoya Blaze, the White is China Glaze No Dandy Lyin' Around and the Glitters are China Glaze Mosaic Madness  and China Glaze Scattered & Tattered, stamping is done with China Glaze Awaken, using Mash plate 33.

I hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July, stay safe and have fun, don't forget the reason we're celebrating!