Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Stamping Challenge: Complimentary colors off a color wheel

This weeks Stamping Challenge was to use complimentary colors off a color wheel.

Complimentary colors are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. I have shown you my color choices above using an arrow to point from the greens to the mauve pinks.

My base color is China Glaze OMG A UFO, stamped with China Glaze Infra Red using BM-318, I really love this hibiscus image and I think the color suites it perfectly.

taken in direct sun

 taken in the shade


  1. Wow this is beautiful! I never thought of looking at a color wheel. That's an awesome idea. I also didn't know these holo's stamped this well!

    1. Thank you, quite a few of these holo's stamp excellent, I really love them