Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Stamping Challenge: Inspired by your favorite fairy tale

This week's Sunday Stamping challenge is to create a manicure inspired by your favorite fairy tale. I am fascinated by Mermaids, I have a great love for the Ocean and just imagining that there is an underwater Kingdom far below the surface intrigues me, so for me, my absolute favorite fairy tale is, The Little Mermaid. For some people this manicure may not scream The Little Mermaid, but I wanted to keep this more true to my style, so this is just my interpretation of her. I really love how this turned out and I hope you do too.

 The base is a gradient of China Glaze Rare and Radiant, Unpredictable and Want my Bawdy, topped with Sally Hansen Glass Slipper,I stamped with Mash Plate 39, using Wet 'n' Wild Black Crème

Taken in the shade, you can see more of the "scale" effect from Glass Slipper's flakies

Gradient on its own
after adding Sally Hansen Glass Slipper
 Taken in the sun

Just for fun, I decided to add some glitter that also reminded me of fish scales, so here it is with one coat of China Glaze Make a Spectacle

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