Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Color Club Beyond and comparisons

After getting Color Club Eternal Beauty, and well, falling in love with its beauty, I knew I needed to get Color Club Beyond, and its beyond beautiful!
 Beyond is a deep charcoal with intense holo

I also picked up Color Club Revvvolution so I could do a comparison

(Above)I have Beyond on my index finger and ring finger, and Revvvolution on my middle and pinkie fingers. Revvvolution doesn't have as intense of a rainbow effect, but in my opinion it doesn't make a bit of a difference, I love them both equally and I'm glad I have them both
 Once again, Beyond is on my index and ring fingers and Revvvolution is on my midde and pinkie fingers.
 Bottle comparisons, Revvvolution is the black cap, Beyond is the silver cap.
 While I was comparing, I wanted to see what China Glaze Galactic Gray would look like next to these two as well, so from left to right, we have Beyond, Revvvolution and Galactic Gray, no dupes at all, each one is unique and I adore them all.


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